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... “There is a lot of craftsmanship, personality and history in antiques,” said Evan, whose antique passion is French cufflinks and old German steins. “I’m fascinated by the quality of old furniture and the antique selection we have to offer. Things just aren’t made the same today.”

Ed has spent a lifetime studying antiques and has more than 30 years of experience in buying and selling them, having owned several store in Michigan. His specialty and passion is centered on antique, costume and sterling jewelry. He offers free verbal onsite appraisals for anyone interested in the value of their antiques or jewelry with no appointment necessary.

“We want people to come in and reminisce,” said Ed. “This is a great community to be part of, and we are excited to share our expertise and collection with the people of this city and surrounding areas.”

Phoenix House Antiques offers a variety of furniture. The store also carries artwork, including paintings, prints and tapestries. If you’re looking for jewelry, they carry a huge selection of antique, Victorian, sterling, costume, rhinestones, and gold, just to name a few. There is also a collection of American Indian items and turquoise jewelry. The store offers old photography and postcards and also features luxury cutlery, hollowware, wooden tribal masks, and several other lovely collections.

With the sophistication, charm and quality from all decades, this is not just another antiques store around the corner. Phoenix House Antiques offers high-end antiques and jewelry at estate sale prices and below with the aim to ensure affordability. The store also buys gold, sterling and antique jewelry by the piece or by the box.  We buy room-full or entire estates of antiques. Just call or  bring your things in.

 “We strive to offer the best quality items and highest level of customer service. This is one shop you will definitely enjoy,” said Evan. “Let’s take a walk down memory lane together at Phoenix House Antiques & Jewelry, Décor & Gifts.”

During the month of December the store features a 1940’s inspired window display to celebrate the spirit of Christmas.

Ed and Evan have brought together a truly unique, beautiful and eclectic store with many different items and styles. This is an antique store for everyone to enjoy, and one that you will truly want to visit.



As printed in part from the Oakland Press article on 12-11-16 & 12-15-16

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